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Jan Nevoral

Cell biology

Author: Jan Nevoral, Lukáš Gold

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New insights in cell biology. Layouts summarize new insights, such as epigenetic changes, mitochondrial biogenesis and post-translational protein modifications responsible for cell cycle regulation. There are several medical issues where basic cellular procedures failure.    


Mitochondria in the reproduction: mitochondrial Eve and Steve

Author: Jan Nevoral, Peter Sutovsky, Won-Hee Song

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The lecture is focused on the destiny of sperm mitochondria after oocyte fertilization and the mechanism of mitophagy of sperm mitochondria. Sperm mitophagy-derived diseases are mentioned and the genesis during early embryonic development is explained.   


Embryology I - progenesis, early embryonic development and embryo implantation

Author: Jan Nevoral, prof. MUDr. Králíčková Milena, Ph.D.

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 The lecture brings the outlines of gametogenesis (progenesis), the process of fertilization and pre-implantation early embryonic development. Notes to embryo implantation and the embryo-endometrium crosstalk are included.